I love smoking. Not just the sensation it causes, but everything about it. To start with, the act of taking a cigarette out of a packet and putting it in your mouth. I myself buy soft packets, Marlboro. That way I can tap the packet at the bottom and a cigarette will shoot up. The sight of that always gives me a bit of a kick.

Then there is the way a cigarette will hang out of your mouth if you haven’t decided to light it up yet. Do you keep it in your mouth at a regular 180 degree angle, will you push it up or will you let it dangle from your lip all the way down? If you’re a non-smoker you might not understand what I’m talking about. Although maybe if you’re a smoker you still won’t and I’m just presuming too much. I often presume too much. Lately I’ve chosen to let my cigarettes hang from my mouth. I like the look of it and I sort of do it out of laziness as well. Somehow the filter sticks a bit to my lip so it stays there all by itself.

The actual moment of lighting up is my favourite part though. Personally I prefer a regular lighter with a spark wheel. To me the turning of the wheel and the accompanying sound are inherent to how a lighter is supposed to make fire. A zippo lighter does the same, but the effect it produces is too over the top for my taste. Smoking, in my opinion, ought to be stylish, but subtle at the same time. The default of push button lighters on the other hand is that they miss style.

Hand in front of the cigarette. Lighter underneath. Thumb on the wheel. Turn. Spark. Flash. Fire.

If you are doing it perfectly you don’t need to move your lighter closer, but you will see the paper at the tip turn into ashes by itself. You inhale, put your lighter away at the same time, take the cigarette out of your mouth with the hand you covered it with, which is the left hand in my case, and exhale. That moment is the best.

It was like this that I lit my first cigarette at the party I was attending that night.

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